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Several questions have been asked
over the years and we'll try to address them here.

Are both days different?  Yes, both days differ, in that all five battles are different.  Other activities are pretty much the same.

Is there a discount if I buy entry tickets for both days? 
Unfortunately, at this time we are not offering a discount, however you do get your best discount if you purchase your tickets online.

Can I bring my pet(s)?
  Please refrain from bringing your pets.  There are so many people at our events that this can be dangerous for everyone if your pet becomes overly excited.  Also, there are several horses onsite who could be spooked by an out-of-control pet.  Remember...don't say "my dog won't bite"...all you can truthfully say is "my dog hasn't bitten anyone...YET".

What if it rains?
  As many of you know, it did rain one year (first time in 11 years).  If there's too much rain, the first thing we lose is parking, then reenactors.  One year, it rained all around us, but NOT in Moorpark and our event went on without a hitch.  In the case of rain, we will post the latest updates here on our website.  Even though we thought we'd have to cancel our event that year, at the last minute, we opened the gates and the show went on.  Sunday, was even better.  You can call our hotline for updates 805 279-5253 also.

Is there handicap parking available?

Is there seating besides the bleachers?
  Although the bleachers are probably the best way to see the battlefield, you don't have to purchase bleacher seats to view the battles.  Actually, people can bring their own chairs and set up next to the fenced off area, after that people line up behind the chairs. 

Is there food at the event?
  Yes, we have a food court with several different food options, from hot dogs and tri-tip sandwiches to kettle corn...and everything in between.

What are Sutlers? 
  A sutler is an army camp follower who peddled provisions to the soldiers.  Several sutlers set up their tents at our event and sell to the public and the reenactors.

What is there to do besides watch the battles?
  You're invited to visit the soldier's and the civilian's camps for the north and the south.  Several of the reenactors are putting on demonstrations, i.e. the "hospital" tent and the blacksmith.  "Abe Lincoln" will give the Gettysburg Address.  The entire schedule of events is on this website AND a program will be available at the gate.